Newton Revolution


We are here for the next generation of open minded bright kids who explore questions and answer them with inspiring actions. Speaking from the heart and not the head. Supporting a creative mind and creating space to move forward…..comfortably.

A security blanket of freedom.

Say hello to a new revolution . A generation where there is no right and no wrong who dress with panache and are armed with imagination. Combining sophisticated colours, unique hand drawn prints and sport’s inspired details we support our little travellers to express themselves. For revolutionary boys and girls aged 3 to 12

We draw from the universe around us and give inspiration and joy back to the world. Because being happy and free is not something you keep to yourself. It affects the world around you. We ask you to pass it on.

We encourage children to be free and original. We strive to be “differently normal”

This is our philosophy. This is who we are.